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Here’s How You Can Help

The Jerusalem Civilian Command Center (JCCC) stands as a unifying force, comprising seven civil society organizations and NGOs, working tirelessly and in full coordination. With over 4,000 dedicated volunteers operating in two daily shifts, we work around the clock to match supplies with the ever-changing pressing needs. Our current operations are based in the Nissan Nativ Acting School in the heart of Jerusalem. Armed with a vast network of volunteers, the Jerusalem Civilian Command Center is uniquely positioned to address immediate and time-sensitive needs on an hourly basis. Our command center comprises various departments, including a 30-person call center, a well-stocked warehouse, a dedicated transportation team ensuring prompt supply delivery, and more.

Video credits: Video Production: Hanan Bar Assulin; Studio Montage Video & Media; Photography: Ruslan Paul; Editing, Color, and After Effects: Studio Montage

Donation options

The Jerusalem Civilian Command Center (JCCC) is a wartime initiative. The Sharedhome movement together with the Shalem College have built the infrastructure needed to receive donations and disperse funds and supplies at an unprecedented scale.  All donations made through this page are designated for urgent and humanitarian relief through the JCCC

Support Through The USA NGO:

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